Loving America to Death 2020

Over the past decade, as I have been paying attention to our politics in America, this contentious decade inspired me to write essays to a few sites on the internet. Since it is difficult to catch the attention of our politicians and since I had a lot to say I chose to write to my own blogs just in order to vent all may feelings, offer all my advice, document the chaos and the divides, the successes, and sometimes our empathy and our interconnectedness. This was a year when it seemed the the COVID pandemic was waning and normality would reassert itself but that did not happen. This was a presidential election year with Joseph Biden running against Donald Trump. Although Joe Biden won, it was clear that Donald Trump was either incredulous, or just decided that he would win at any cost. This was a year of loss and a year of everyday heroes. The essays I wrote on line are now collected in this book, a year book so to speak.

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