Loving America to Death is a series of books that describes the events of the past decade (2010-2019) as they happened and from the author’s point of view. Watching the beginnings of disrespectful behavior escalate in Congress, watching the Tea Party and the Evangelicals morph and change the Republican Party, watching world events unfold, sometimes tragic, sometimes echoes of ideological changes in our own country offered plenty of scope for a writer. In fact it became very fashionable to write about this decade and the challenges our democratic republic was facing and is facing even now. But, the point of view offered here is not academic or professional; it is “a view from the cheap seats” attempting to weigh in without technical jargon using sources available to everyone on the internet before paywalls set in.

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Loving America to Death was also published in two Omnibus Editions – Omnibus 1 – 2010-2015 and Omnibus 2 – 2016-2019 and Bonus (Jan.-Apr. 2020)

2028 Series

Previous titles are classified as nonfiction. But there are also two fiction books in a series entitled 2028. There is 2028: The Rebellion and 2028: Trump at Guantanamo. These are essentially novellas commenting on what might happen if Trump is ever President again. Since they predict a future that may never happen they are fiction, but because they include elements that are based on how Trump governed in the past, they are also social commentary. Hopefully they are also imaginative and fun.